Thank you, next

I love Ariana Grande. She's so funny, so smart, so warm-hearted and so beautiful. But the post I wanna write today won't be about her. Recently she released a song called "thank you, next" and the song is about he's ex boyfriends - she explains why is she so fucking grateful for all of them.… Continue reading Thank you, next

depression, psychology


I wanted to talk about this one for pretty long time but there were always some other topics coming out that seemed way more important, entertaining and bubbly in general and so the depression topic seemed like coming back into the darkness that I would be facing for ... wow, almomst 7 years. The darkness… Continue reading DEPRESSION

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about equality

Experiencing several serious relationships in my life I have gained some view on how would I like my relationship to look like - what is necessary, what won't I be able to stand and what would be amazing to obtain, but I don't really need it. I also started to view the whole equality thing… Continue reading about equality

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would I date your sign?

Besides my interest in the topic of men-female relationships I love : history ( lol ) to dance to be sarcastic astrology And today I will write something about the last point mentioned above. A little bit of fun, nothing really serious nor scientific. I get along with some people and with some I don't.… Continue reading would I date your sign?

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I need to ditch you … sorry

I'm about to describe one of the worst situations possible that we all have to face ... sooner or later. I'm talking about ditching somebody. I'm talking about the situation, when somebody is very attracted to you but you can't say the same. When you get so annoyed when you get all of those text… Continue reading I need to ditch you … sorry