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what are morals for ?

What would you do if you were in love with two women ? Which one would you choose? Would you regret the decision of sleeping with somebody else while being in a serious relationship ?

Those questions are really personal and every person would answer differently on them, I realize about that. Certain answers would be qualified for people with high morals, some with low ones. But now the question appears :  what is even morality and do we even need it ? Why are people with low level of morality often seen as “the bad ones”?

 Morality (from the Latin moralis “manner, character, proper behavior”) is the differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between those that are distinguished as proper and those that are improper – this is the definition taken from Wikipedia, but it sums up the most important things about morality. It can be also added that those are rules accordig to which society should behave. If we will behave in a “good” way, nobody will be hurt, offended or even digousted. People will be able to trust us, as our behavior will inclinate that we won’t hurt them and we will be sincere ( as according to moral rules we can’t lie, cheat, hurt others ). If, on the other hand, we will behave in a “bad” way, we won’t be able to create a stable relationship, people won’t trust us and we won’t have many close friends around us ( if any ). And so we all know that cheating. lying, hurting others is bad, but actually why is it bad?

We are animals with highly intelligent brain. We were born with the ability to speak, to learn, to think. We have our conscious mind and the unconscious one. We also have something that’s called empathy. And the empathy is responsible for the fact that we behae according to the rules of morality. As we don’t want others to lie to us nor to cheat on us, we can’t do it to others. We have empathy and imagination so we can immediately think of how other person would feel, if right now we will decide to kiss that girl. We don’t even have to think about it so deeply and hardly – empathy will do it for us. Inside of the moral person’s mind there will appear something like “error” while stepping on the way of cheating –


People with low morals won’t care that much, they will just lie to their significant other that they’re faithfull and maybe even hide the lie forever. Once I met one guy, who had lack of morals since he was a teenager. He would go for a girl who was his best friend’s girlfriend just because he liked her so much. Of course his friend found out of everything and claimed that he doesn’t want to have anything in comon with him. The thing is that my friend has never changed. Being 29 now he’s still the same. He has cheated multiple times of their girlfriends and the story with the girlfriend of his friend recently repeated. He felt bad afterwards, but would never tell the truth to the people he hurted.

Morals are a necessity for building strong, honest relationships based on trust and real feelings and real intentions. Moral person is trustworthy because this person values his/her relationships higher than her/his own needs. It is not about doing what people tell you to, it’s about considering other’s feelings and thinking of something more than just yourself. It also gives you great sense of yourself and confidence as you live good with others, don’t hurt them, so you don’t hurt yourself as well.


This is a huge topic to talk about, I’ve just explained my basic point of view. I guess I’ll continue talking about morality and infidelity, but in different post 🙂



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