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Steps that you need to consider if you want to get any girl

There is one idea that is nothing else than playing with the idea of sex – it’s called FLIRTING. It’s so visible that you both like each other. She laughs at every single stupidity you say, plays with her hair, her body language shows she wants to be close to you.


This is how flirting should be like 🙂 We all know it’s not that easy, especially when you really fancy some girl and the stress is just eating you out. You start to creep out while talking with her. You’re not really yourself. You touch her way tooooooo much or almost not at all. The effect is she decides to leave from the date early by giving you some crapy reason and then never responds to your messages again… If this even happend to  you, now I tell you, from the perspective of a women what to do, to flirt successfully and make her like you back


  1. Make her laugh

This one is the basic one. If she sincerly laughs at your jokes, there’s huge probability she’ll like you. We all like people who have simmilar sense of humor and none of us just wants serious conversations at the first talks ( like your sad past with your ex or how awful the political situation in our country is right now ). Besides, this is the easiest way to make her comfortable around you, so she’ll be open to flirt back 😉

2. Do not creep out

Creeping her out is the worst thing you can do. Seriously. After that there won’t be any second chances. If she will feel like you are a creep, she’ll run away as fast as possible. But what does creeping out actually means ? If you tell her how awesome tits she has, or even how sexy she is after just an hour of talking, there won’t be any come back, trust me. The art of flirting is all about … understatements. She’ll feel your body language that will tell her you fancy her. The creep out moves are the first ones if you want her to run away and never come back.

3. Confidence

This one sounds like obvious one, but to be confident, you gotta work on it. You have to take care of yourself – both body and mind. If you do it, that won’t really matter if you’re brunette, blonde, wear glasses or boxers. People who takes care of themselves are just attractive and they know abut that. That wisdom is called confidence – you are sure of yourself. You know your worth therefore you don’t have to prove it to anybody. You’re just relaxed and your real self while talkng with a girl. She’ll feel it.

4. touch her

Not as if it was planned since the beginig of the date. Spontaniously close up to her and touch in the same way. Without touch you’ll be qualified to friend zone, and this is what we want to avoid now.

5. dress up to impress

Let’s don’t fool ourselves – how do we look makes a huge difference. Both – by the way you feel and by the way she looks at you. Look masculine in your own version of that word. Women love men who look masculine and who take care of themselves and this includes every part of youself, strongly including the way you dress.


So this is a short  guide for men how to be succesfull in flirting. Remember, stress is the worst enemy of flirtationships.



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