when do we make love

Making love is a common saying that means having sex. It involves feelings, passion, desire, flirt etc. When we make love, it should be the most beautiful and amazing thing during whole day because it is showing our attraction and feellings towards somebody else.

I honestly think that to call it in that way is the worst thing you can do.

Making love is showing your affection, feelings, lack of neglection and all of those things every single day. Making love is to be fathfull. Making love is to call that person first once something incredible happens in your life. Making love is to take care of that person when in need. Making love is to cuddle in the night and to know what that person loves to have for breakfast. Making love is to show your vulnerability. All of those things show that you love that person for real and every single day you want to make love with her.

When we have sex, we are fucking. Passionate sex, the wild one and agressive one makes us feel like we are alive. This is where we have space to show our fantasies, to fulfill our own satisfaction using other person. And this is what turns us on. All of us. You’ll never hear ” oh my God, he’s so sweet and carying person that it makes my panties wet”. Because what turns you on has nothing to do if you see that person as a potential love material.

Sex is the act of desire, not of love. Desire is needyless. To desire is to try to get to somebody but still not to close to leave space for selfishness. Love needs other person. Love creates vulnelability. Love is pure and has lack of sexuality.


To make Love ≠ To have sex




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