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25 things about relationships I learned during 25 years

Today is the day I’m finishing 25 years and I gotta admit it makes me super excited rather than miserable. I love gifts, cake, all the wishes 🙂 I am becoming wiser but at the same time I take care of that inside child that is still alive, so I don’t loose that cheeky and cheerful attitude.

But now, straight to the point – what did I learn during those 25 years:

  1. It is a great thing to be in a relationship until you are in love with somebody. Don’t keep on with it if you don’t love that person any more, because you loose your time and somebody else’s. You won’t fall back in love, trust me.
  2. We all need some time in life when we’re experiencing the state of being single, so we can figure out who we are, what do we want and meet many new people so we can learn the men\female rules of games and just stop being naive.
  3. Relationship doesn’t mean we are the one thing. You are you, other person is other person and you both are you both. 3 parts that create the whole. You need to take care of your own life.

4. If somebody has cheated on you once, will do it again…

5. … but if somebody has cheated on somebody before, and you’re in a new relationship, doesn’t mean that person will cheat on you too.

6. Don’t be scared of your sexuality.

7. Younger men often need some more time to get use to the thought of being in a relationship

8. Creating happy relationship with somebody that has low self-esteem it’s a contradiction in terms, because all of the complexes you’ll feel the most.


10. First kiss usually indicates the passion that somebody has inside themselves and the quality of sex you would have with them

11. Cheating has a huge impact on the other person’s life. Always think twice before doing so.

12. Your problems are your problems. Of course you can share it with your S.O but never, ever push her\him to participate in them. This is your life, therefore your problems. You don’t have any right to push them to solve problems with you. You need to find yourself several people to fulfill your needs, not just put it all on your S.O

13. The older you are, the less you trust people and the less likely you are to fall for anybody else.

14. Race is just an illusion. People all around the world feel the same, come through the same problems when it comes to relations and love.

15.Don’t let somebody tell you what to do with your life. Peer presure is temporary. If you don’t want to have kids, don’t have them. It is your life and your responsability afterwards, not somebody else’s.

16. Just a little bit of jelaousy is needed, because it indicates how much do you care bout somebody.  But is we talk about the unhealthy jelaousy – it is the sign that this is the time to split up, because then you’re treated like a thing that somebody else is afraid to loose.

17. Crosscultular relationships are fun and more challenging.  Much more challenging than the same-nationality ones. Be prepared for compromises and a long talks.

18. Never change for anybody

19. The most attractive people you will meet will be the ones, who will take care of themselves, will know how to flirt and will be good people.

20. When you get into a relationship, as the time goes by you realize it’s not just that person you’re in relationship with. It’s the whole family.

21. Sex indicates the quality of relationship

22. You need to know how to flirt with your S.O in order to keep the spark in a relationship ( more about this soon )

23.Honesty is always the best policy, but without flirting and seducing you are not leaving any space for the magic

24. It’s worth to fight for somebody

25. Don’t push into ANY relationship. If you decide that this is what you want, it cant’s be any person. Wait until the feelings will be pure and real.



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