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signs you know it’s a real deal

Most probably many of you have had already the situation when something just casual was turning into so called ” real deal”. How were you feeling back then ? Scared ? Anxious? But maybe happy and excited ? The ” real deal” makes people feel many different things, from the best ones to the worst ones. Some people consider the relationship as some responsability, something really serious and they are scared they won’t handle it. Some people are scared that it is turning into a real deal simply because they are not sure if the person they are in a relationship with wants to be with them or just wants any relationship. And some other people are extremely excited for experiencing this in their lifes and they want that, so they don’t really feel any anxiety or whatsoever.

In this post I would like to descrive the signs that you will actually know when it’s becoming a “real deal”

  1. You spend huge amount of time together and you really enjoy it. Both of you are into the relationship on the same level, you don’t feel like you’re the only one who cares about the other person.
  2. You talk about te future together. BOTH OF YOU. You make plans ( even for a weekend ) and you take care of keeping up with those, rather than rescheduling them, when not in need.
  3. You don’t play games. Everything is sincere
  4. You sleep with each other. Exclusively
  5. You feel like your life with that person is much better than without the other one.
  6. You sincerly listen to each other and you want to get to know the other one.
  7. You stay overnight in each other’s houses, without this shamefull feeling in the morning.
  8. You know the other one wants you to meet their families and vice versa ( or you already did meet each other’s families )
  9. And the last one : saying I LOVE YOU ( in many different words and expressions. The L bomb can be expressed in several ways )

It seems like the great place to be in, when we read all of those signs, but is it really like this ??? What is it really to be in a realtionship and are you ready for it ? Next week I’ll give you answers to that topic in the next post 🙂 For now think if you’re in a “real deal” or not yet ( the more of those points you ticked, the more ” real deal” it actually is )

Enjoy your friday !!!!




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