How to be attractive

How to be attractive?


Many people, all around the world think, that our look defines the level of our attractiveness. Well, at some point it is truth, but not 100 %. For sure you know at least one person, who is not defined by society as attractie, but people think she/he is attractive. This happens because this person represents much more than just a look. This person was able to “jump over” the looks and holds much more powerfull tool which is called interesting personality.

But let’s not rush, shall we ?

There are 2 factors of attractivness : 1) our look and 2) our personality. Seems pretty easy, doesn’t it ? I need to change myself into the gerogeus, thin model and spend my time around super  famous people. This will make me attractive.

It doesn’t work that way.

Attractive look is taking care of yourself and knowing how to underline your uniqueness. So, if you’re a short, curvy brunette, it doesn’t mean you’ll be unattractive, because ” men prefer blondes”. I used to be bullied in primary school because of the natural ginger color. It was the worst part of my look for me and I changed the color as soon as I was 16.  I honsetly hated it until the point I realized that this is what makes me special and unique.  Underline your differences, your femininity and be proud of it. Buy clothes that will show that you love yourself. People look deeper than just a shallow image of modern beauty. You will be attractive from the outside if you will know how to take care of yourself. You will be attractive from the outside if you will know how to underlive the individualistic features of yours. The ones that makes you who you are. Those, who nobody else has

The other part of attractiveness is your personality. But what is attractive personality anyways? Can it be universal ?

Yes. There are few features that we all think are attractive.

People with positive attitude are seen as more attractive than the ones who have tendency to complain and see the world in the worst for them colors. It is because it gives us bad vibes, makes us feel down and, as well as those people, we loose our playfulness . There is no space for jokes and laugh. No space for flirting and enojying. With the positive attitude you send a great message to the world – I feel great, I am playfull and full of energy that I’ll send to you as well. We will laugh, have fun and enojy. And this is what we want in life – to enojy it and be playfull. Therefore negative people are not considered as attractive.

There’s just something irrisitable about passionate individuals. They have great energy when they speak about something they love. They are full of passion and they are really deep into some topic. So besides the fact that they are giving us that energy, they also teach something new about that particular thing. It can be anything, really. But if a person has something that it’s completly into, we will want to be around her/him, simply because of getting to know some part of the world we had no idea about and because this powerfull energy. That person inspire.

The last thing I noticed to be working is dualism of features. We all have a tendency to categorize people – he’s a gentleman, she’s a drama queen. He loves to date, therefore will never want any stability. She’s very faithfull and loyal – she will never cheat on anybody. We categorize people the moment we see them, because this makes is easy for us to understand people. When you appear as a huge flirt to her, she thinks you’re a player. That you’re attractive and a womenizer. But then, when you’ll decide to walk her home, give her a goodnight kiss and take her number, to go for a date and will refuse to go to her home, she’ll get nuts. You know why ? Because you won’t be so obvious. You’ll create the aura of mystery. We all like a little mystery, something we can dig into. It’s exciting, it creates desire – the bridge to cross.

And so I reached to the end of this post. In conclusion : to be attractive

1 ) take care of yourself and underline what’s unique about you

2) Be positive and playfull

3) Find something you will be trully passionate about

4) duality of features – being non obvious is something we all are attracted to

I made a video in polish about that topic as well 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday





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