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If you type in google the sentence : how to attract a guy, you’ll have a huge amount of pages that will tell you so much different opinions and advices and you’ll be completly lost. You probably will try some of them, but then they’ll never work out, so you’ll just give up and keep on with your old behaviors.

I did discover some things, though, that attracts both – men and women on really high level and I would like to share it with you.

1 ) contradictionary traits

Okay, what does it actually means? We, people, have a tendency to think  in a stereotipical way, just because it makes the case much easier. We cathegorize and we think we know with what kind of person are we dealing with right now. There are good stereotypes and bad ones ( obviously ). And so, for example, if you see an Asian guy, it might cross through your mind, that he must be smart, but also really closed and kinda weird. You already cathegorized this guy and at the same time closed your mind for him – for real person. At that point you might think : okay, I like it when I am challenged and you’ll go for it, still being sure that as he’s a little weird, it won’t work out. It will be just a challenge. But this guy is not necessairly how you did cathegozie him. He might have one of those traits, but now imagine – he’s smart and cheerful person with open mind. He likes people, he likes to enjoy himself and at the same time he studies and works hard. At that point you’re out of the road, as it was completly not what you expected. And you’re hooked. You’ll immediately start to like this guy, because he’s not really obvious. He’ll become such an interesting person.

Showing at least 2 contradictionary traits is one of the keys to get the guy you like. This creates some kind of fresh air, challenge and mystery. Think of yourself now : to what cathegory would people put me in and then show something, that they would be never expecting.

2) Impression

Being impressive = being a challenge. 

We all have something that impresses us. This might be the way somebody gets along with others, the life achievements, the intelligence or how smart some person is. If you’re impressive for somebody, that person is gonna be hooked on you. But you need some time to discover what kind of things impress that person, and if you have it, he’ll naturally fancy you. But don’t ever force that trait. If you don’t have what he’s looking for, don’t try to fake impress him.

Think of all of those guys that you liked. Why did you like them ? What was so special about them ? Were they rebelious and this trait was always impressing you ? Were they the center of attention ? Smart ? As long as you impress a guy with something, trust me, he’ll be hooked on you.

3) kind heart, but not on your sleave

We all like kind and good people. We all want warm-hearted people to be around us, as this is what makes us feel like home and relaxed. We also have a tendency to use those people for our own things… as long as we see that we can use those people. Being good hearted and assertive, on the other hand, is what shows your standards and what kind of person you are. This means : I respect you, I like you, but I have my standards, my life and my things to do and I won’t let you use me. You don’t have to respond for a text message right away, go on a date whenever he wants ( don’t mentioning if he calls you at 2 am and asks you if you would like to come to his house ). This means that your tone is always warm. This means that you meet with him whenever you both like. This means that you’re warm to him but he is not the only interesting ” thing” in your life. This also means you demand respect.

ps. I know that I posted very similar post, bu this one is more for women 🙂 enjoy ladies



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