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How to be perfect kisser 

Yes… we all do it and we all think we are a stunning kissers. Some people were said many times how great of kissers they are and you can feel it even before you actually kissed them. But what about those, who need some practice and being instructed, as they might not even realize how bad they are ?
Today I’ll explain how should the perfect kiss look like and how to be the perfect kisser. I have to admit, that this is one of my favourite topics (right next to the flirting)

Kissing is the special activity. It usually appears when people have chemistry and need to release it. From my experience it shows how will the intercourse look with this person, how passionate this person is and many others aspects. Also, we don’t even think about it, but by our saliva we indicate the dna that we have to the other person, so the other one can find out if our material is suitable and desirable for him/her or not.

Well, now, to the point. The perfect kiss : it’s always smooth with the use of tongue, lips and teeth (sometimes). It should always be the dance of both persons needs and desires rather than focusing on yourself. The tounge never goes out further than other person’s lips and biting is light ( the stronger one comes after, this is not the time to bite like crazy ). It is passionate, makes you want more of that person and is the sum of the flirting before.

How to be a good kisser then ?
To understand the rules of good kissers you need to remember about several points :
1. The more you flirt before with that particular person, the better kiss will be. Flirting is playing with the idea of sex. It can increase the sexual tension to the point, when it becomes unbearable, and so kissing will be the sum of how flirty you were with each other. I once had the situation, when I wanted to kiss this boy so badly just after 2 minutes of talking with him, because we were flirting with each others eyes and smiles. We kissed after some time of flirting and the kiss was stunning.
2. control your saliva, please. It can’t be going out of your mouth to dirt the other persons’chin or chest. It is not sexy- it is repulsive.
3. Start smoothly and feel it. The more you feel oter person, the more likely you are to get what she/he needs and wants.
4. stop sometimes and look deep into somebody’s eyes. This builds up the sexual tension and mystery. there’s something extremly sexual in looking deep into somebody’s eyes and smile. This is cheeky and flirtatious.
5. take care of your breath. kissing with an ashtray is never pleasant. nor kissing with somebody who smells like onion, garlic, lack of hygiene or just way too much alcohol. What I do is I brush my teeth quite often, dont smoke and eat quite healthy ( I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit ).

That’s it for now my perfect kissers 😊 keep practice and enjoy the glorious activity of kissing 💋💋💋


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