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your size doesn’t really matter to me

Uff, I love all of those debates people have while talking about the penises size – is it really that important or if it’s just saying. Can a man really satisfy a woman if his penis is small ? Am I less of a man if it’s not in the average ? What if she’ll laugh at me if she’ll realize it’s not really that great as she was imagining?

This topic is quite funny, intriguing and not enough discussed.

Your size can impress women, can turn them on as it’s the opposition of what they have ( anything opposite you have to what she has is a + ) but I know that it’s the passion you guys have in bed that matters and your knowledge of how to satisfy her with the size that you have . There are a lot of men with big penises that can’t satisfy any woman, simply because they are so sure of themselves and they don’t even try to get to know what does she like, need or want. They think they know it all and that’s the end of discussion. Sex with them is just like pure porn – nothing really special. It’s not passionate nor satysfying.

So no, size doesn’t really matter as long as you have the need to satisfy the other person. Size also doens’t matter if you have the skills of satysying with what you have.  Size will matter if you don’t know anything about the person you’re in bed with and you will do it mechanically.

Other thing is that sex is not just penis inside vagina. There are much more things to explore and things that can make you the greatest lover of her life. But for today I just wanted to answer this one question.


Short, straight to the point post. My first purely sexual one.

Enjoy 🙂


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