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We are the first generation who live in the limitless world. We have an access to any place, any information, any person we want, simply because of internet, that opened up our horizons to the level, that none of our parents would have dreamed of. We also are more knowledgable, educated, we speak at least one more foreign language and we travel a lot. World became our home – we can feel like in it in any place, not just in our country. This, obviously, led us to the changes in relationships – more and more people decide to start a serious relationship with someone from different culture. And as we have the belief that everybody’s the same and we don’t want to be racists, we don’t think of plaussible difficulties that will appear along when the relationships starts.

Either you are a worldwide or you try to be, cultural shocks will appear. For example, Spaniards are really loud, quite shameless and deeply into their families. Spanish women are very independent and somehow the distincion between men roles vs female roles disappears there. Americans don’t have something like shame- they just do whatever they feel like. They are not tought the european savoir-vivre and they are as loud as spaniards. With english people  you know you’ll always have a lot of fun. And those are my experiences with some group of people, so if you have different, please send me some message and let’s discuss. My point, though, is that everybody has their nationality inside of themselves that is different than yours. And now, is there any way to overcome the bad ones and just enjoy the good ones?

Any problems and differences can be solved with a good conversations but only if you really listen and try to understand the other side. Many people are so focused just on what they want, need and  expect so they look for someone who will be like servant – fulfilling all their needs ( you need to be my best lover, my best friend. you need to inspire me intellectually, you need to teach me new things in life, while I’ll be there, just sitting and letting you make my life better ). If you really listen and are understandable, you’ll be adjusting those simmilarities to yours and ask for minimailizing the flaws, but at the same time you will understand, that this is what the personality is contained of – good sides and bad sides ( some taken from cultural differences, some not ) You’ll also pay attention to the flaws of yours and what other person asks you for, because you also have the bad sides that are related to your culture costums.

The compromise is the word that sums up all my explanation above. But this piece of advice is matchable for any relationship. What about the crosscultural ones?

You need to understand, that your partner comes out from different background and this background will be always part of him/her. He/She can adjust a little bit to what you need ( maybe realize that your cultural pattern suits him/her more than their own) but the difference in culture is what makes the other person so exotic and intriguing to get to know. Instead of complaining about how many differeces are there, it’s better to take something good out of any and just adjust to you both. It’s not easy at first, but once you’ll start to manage, trust me, it’s gonna be super fun and will expand your horizons in a way you could have never imagined.

I deeply believe in simmilarities when it comes  to relationships, but if you have a chance to try the crosscultural one ( conditions and love ), you should definitely go for it. With open mind of you both you can create something really magical.





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