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Millenials – the kids of divorced. The generation of broken families. The newies to this world.

As I mentioned in the post before, we are the first generation with such a huge access to knowledge and unlimited world. All of us we are in social media, we communicate via whatsapp, snapchat, instagram, messanger etc. We communicate with all of our friends but we also search for other entertainment via social media – we search for dates or just a hook-ups. We are basically the generation of tinder. What does it really mean?

I was never into the idea of online dating because a) I was in a stable and serious relationship and b) it seemed really shallow for me to just swipe up based on your few pictures. But not all of us are in that situation and not all of us think like this. So we install dating apps like tinder to a) fulfill our boredom, b) to search for somebody to hookup and c ) to find our soulmate who’s also out there and is searching. After talking with my friends and asking them what do they think about Tinder or other apps and after seeing how people react on swiping and having matches I summed up my conclusions.

Our generation have that tendecny to don’t dig deeper into somebody else’s personality, because what for ? We have unlliimted options : one night this person, the next one somebody completly different. We will just swipe left and voila ! It’s like eating out – every single day somebody else ( literally ) .Not that there’s something wrong with it – sinlge life is for enjoying it. But this shows our attitude towards people – it makes me feel like we’re just stuff on the shelf in the store rather than an actual beings with personality and feelings.

This shows our attitude towards everything in life – if not this, then something else. Digging deeper has a risk of rejection and a failure. We can be not the ones this person looks for while we will be already in love with him/her. We’re scared of that pain. Choosing one career has a risk that we won’t make it and we will failure as well ending up working in mc’donalds while being 40. Trying to get to know somebody or something on the real, deep level contains huge risks. And so why risking if we don’t have to and just stay in our comfort zone?


ps. to not seem so “perfect” I did instal tinder for one evening. After that evening I decided to delate it for good 😀


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