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are you playing me?

I love different types of music – from pop, electronic music, rnb, hip hop and drum’n’bases. Today I was listening to one of my favourite pop artist – marina and the diamonds. And I found this song


And so it inspired me to write something about playing and players, as Marina speaks about several rules if you wanna become a player

  1. ‘ rule no1. is that you gotta have fun. but baby when you’re done, you gotta be the 1st to run’

Players are really charming people and you always will find yourself around them having great time, laughing, flirting and smiling. You’ll be coming back with the huge smimle on your face and thinking that you haven’t met somebody like this for such a long peroid of time – basically your second match. You’ll discover that you have so much in common, that he/she is just perfect for you. But then, out of nowhere this person dissapears and makes you going mad. You’re gonna question yourself – what did I do that this person just ghosted me? Before you’ll realize, you’re hooked into him/her and have already your hear broken.

2. ‘rule no2. just don’t get attached to somebody you could loose “

Keeping your options open, as it’s easier to get distracted from this one person and keep your heart away from him/her. Locking the access to your deepth, as untouchable can’t be ever hurt. This shows the fear, that leads players to become ones. It’s not about how self-confident they are – it’s about how insecure and hurt by life they are.

3. ‘ rule no3 wear your hear on your cheek. but never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste the feed’

keeping your emotions on your cheek means hiding your true emotions, just showing the shallow ones. The ones that don’t really matter, the ones that don’t indicate the depth. On the other one, wearing your heart on your sleeve means giving your heart away to somebody else – giving your all.

4. ‘rule no4. gotta be looking pure ‘

ay yea, we always like eye-candies. Both – women and men. Players always look good.

Many other factors you’re dealing with player :

  1. her/his phone is kept away. always. they won’t show you anything on it, as they never know who’s gonna text or call them
  2. rarely will see you, if it’s not in the places she likes or times she likes/ rarely will see you if the sex isn’t an option
  3. always texting when is with you. the dating life needs to be updated
  4. the connection or contact is always when she/ he likes.

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