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when shouldn’t I go to bed with him?



Sorry guys, today’s post is directed just towards females 🙂 I’m gonna be so called c*ckblock, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

There are different situations in life, that we’re just not able to control. sometimes.


Today I’ll tell you when, in my opinion, you should’t have sex with him

  1. If you wanna prove him your feelings but you’re still not ready for it – you go against yourself to satifsy somebody else. Doesn’t matter if this happens in a friendship or during dating – the other person looses the respect towards you if you don’t respect your own feelings and needs. And it’s gonna be visabe you did it against yourself.
  2. when you know you can’t distinguish love from intercourse – men are great at distinguishing love from sex. females a little bit worse. if you’re in the group that can’t really distingush desire from love, give yourself a time. don’t hurt yoursef on purpose. Find out what’s between you two and if you’ll be able to have sex without any commitments.
  3. when you want him to fall in love with you – men have a tendency to fall in love a long time before the intrcourse or a long time after it. sex is not a magic trick to make him yours. You both can have enormous chemistry and the sex might be unbelieveable, but it won’t make a man fall for you. Trust me
  4. when you wanna forget about your ex – this finishes up with the moral hungover and makes you think about the guy you’re still in love with even more. And somehow the feeling of love towards your ex can cause feelings of disgoust towards yourself.
  5. you expect something from him afterwards – trading? really ? I’ll let you have sex with me but in exchange you will be my bf or you need to do this or this. Sex is not a currency. It’s an intimate act that should always include 2 people’s good intentions, not trading ( unless we talk about prostitution )


As I’m talking with my girlfriends about boys a loooot, I thought this topic through and I hope this post can help some of you 🙂 sex is a great thing ! go and use it but only if you’re grown enough to respect the consequences that go afterwards ( It’s not just about pregnancy or std’s.)




Kisses !


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