friendships, Think deeper

girl power

It’s a Saturday night, I’m having a detox from all the alcohol I’ve been drinking since September, because I need my body to feel cleaner – I wanna clean up my mind and my body. And while watching some tv show I was scrolling through instagram. I noticed some feminists posts and several things came through my mind that I need to share.

When I was in junior-high, then in high school and in university, I would be seeing other girls as my enemies at first. I would be judging their style, their hair, their make-up – all the superficial stuff, that don’t really matter. I would be doing it as I wasn’t feeling confident and mature enough, to notice what’s deeper inside of them. I wasn’t mature enough to notice, that as women, we should support each other rather than gossip and put each other down. I would be just thinking that if some girl doesn’t behave or dress in the way I would, she’s worse. I was scared they are gonna steal my boyfriends or whatever else bullshits.

As a mature, 25 yo woman I would like to say, that I stopped judging other women for how they look and I am focusing on how do they treat other people and if others can really rely on them. I wanna support other girls as we all need each other. I wanna create a better space around myself and other girls, because it changes the game completly. You gain confidence, you gain calm mind and you have a sincere support – without sexual contest. You know that you will be there for each other no matter what.

My saturday’s night thought – girls, stop all those gossips about each other, stop judging each other because of how do we look and focus on how do we treat other women. This shows a lot and makes our world a better place. Other girls are not your enemies. They can be your best friends for life.


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