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weird things that turn girls on



This post refers to me and my friends, mostly and so, don’t generalize it, please πŸ˜€ Every girl is different and can have different turns on – some of those can appear in her vision of attractive guy, some don’t really have to. Let me mention about some of them here :

  1. being a gentleman – old fashioned way of treating women – always a great thing. I am a part of millenial’s generation and the rules when dating changed a lot. Today girls are the first that texts guys, pays on dates, don’t have to feel shamefull when having sex on first date. And those changes are great, as they allow us to be humans – not genders. But this means the old fashioned way of treating us almost dissapeared. Let’s don’t fool ourseves out – if a girl gets flowers, doesn’t have to split the recip 50/50 etc, this makes us like the guy instantly.
  2. weird nicknames – if a guy starts to call you in a little cranky way, but not offfensive, this is an instant turn on. don’t ask me why.
  3. don’t pushing to have sex – this means he’s an adult and you can create something serious with him. only immature boys will push you to have sex with them. men understand your need for waiting.
  4. being a little geeky – harry potter’s books on the shelf, playing ps3 etc. it just turns me on
  5. british accent -no comment
  6. having big library in his flat and actually reading those books – intelligence and being smart gives you a sign he’s educated and he uses his brain. for sapiosexual people there’s nothing better than this
  7. when he pulls your legs on his lap – I can’t explain this one


If you have some more weird things, please tell me about them – leave a comment or text me directly πŸ™‚

Have a nice weekend everyone !


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