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the difference between 1970’s generation and 1990’s one

Recently I went for a few days to my home and spent some time with my family. We would talk, eat and just enjoy the time together. I was lucky enough to spend some solo time with my mum only and open up a little bit. We had a nice converation about her experiences with dating. When I asked her if she has EVER approached any guy to go for a date, she, without any hesitation replied NEVER. It never happend to her. Every men that she had a relationship with was approaching her. She would tell me that for her and her friends that kind of behavior would be impossible to imagine – man  is the person who approaches. ALWAYS. Men from that generation also seem to enjoy it and it was very rare for them to be approached by a woman.


Every girl that I know, that it’s also millenial has approached a guy at least once without feeling ashamed of it ( including me ). We got to the point, where men/female relationships are not just seeing as : female – the weak one, has to be earned by a guy; a man – the conqueror, has a need to get a woman. Our relations are much more human nowadays, which gives fluency to them and takes them outside of the box. Instead of strictly deviding the role of genders , we achieved fluency.


Why did it change so much ?

Every generation is different and is characterized by different qualities. In XXth century people started to open up to the fluency of their relations – from the point of choosing a partner for yourself instead of having arranged marriage and have no voice if you wanna marry that person or not, through sexual revolution ( contraception pill ) to the point where a girl is considered to be attractive and brave if she approaches a guy she likes. Women work as much as men do, on the same positions, therefore they have the same rights as men do. And it involves any aspect of your life.

I was talking with some amount of guys ( my generation ) and all of them would tell me how attractive it is for them if a girl has ” balls” to approach them or to offer paying on a date ( it’s not that they want a women to pay on a date, it’s about the gesture – show me you’re independent enouogh and you’re not below me.) It shows how classy a female is. Nowadays men look for a partner. Nowadays women also look for partner.

Should we get rid of any “genderalization” then?

Absolutely not. If you wanna feel like women – being sensual, wear dresses, high-heels, receive flowers and wear full make-up, go for it! A femine partner is a huge catch. At the same time if you wanna stay classy gentleman – look like one and behave like one, you’re gonna be a catch also.

But the fluidity in relations is very important and I’m happy we’re heading to this point.


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