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what have 2017 tought me so far




1 ) you can never be sure of what future brings. one day you’re in a relationship and the next day you’re single and need to find yourself in new reality

2) it doesn’t matter how simmilar you’re to the person you love or fancy – if your ways are not compatibile, you won’t create a stable relationship

3) neglecting is as hurtful as cheating

4 ) secret ingridient to sex is love but…

5 ) you can have great sex without it

6 ) sticking up to your rules gives you enormous self-respect

7 ) friends are everything. without them you’d literally die. so you can’t just stick to your partner and don’t care about anything nor anybody else. friends will be by your side when your love will go away

8) if you judge something, just wait. life will put you in the same situation as the person you’ve judged.

9) sex indicates the condition of relationship

10 ) to be happy in a relationship you need to understand, that the concept of perfect one doesn’t exist

11 ) men can’t resist women who impress them

12 ) we all have some type that attracts us the most – either we realize about it or not.

13) either attraction appears at first or it won’t

14 ) things that attract us the most are the smell of the other person and her/his voice.

15 ) we all look for some kind of romanticism and we miss the old-fashion way of relationships.

16 ) nothing that comes easy is worthy.

17) always trust your intuition

18) ” you claim to be a player. good morning – I’m the coach. “


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