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why being single is such a great thing?

It is important to enjoy any moment of your life – doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or single. Things happen to you – either good or bad – it’s life. Many people complain that they need a boyfriend/girlfriend to enjoy those things and to enojoy life.

You know what ?

You don’t need a partner to enjoy them!

I was one of those who used to think in this way, but 4 months of being single changed my mind and I’m extremely thankfull for it. 



So why being single is such an awesome thing? 

1 ) You have all that time to actually do things you wanna do. All free time belongs to you – you can develop your hobby, read more, spend way more time with your friends, party, enjoy. You can learn what does it mean to love yourself. If you feel like start dancing salsa, you’ll have time to do so. If you’ll decide to chase your career, you won’t feel guilty for neglecting the other person. 

2) No drama ❤ Of course you’ll have fights with people, but you will clean up your life from all the daily drama. No little pushes, fights of who was supposed to but tomatoes and eggs. Well, since now you’re fully responsible for those things. 

3) No jealousy – you don’t expect anything from anybody. Me, myself, I’m quite jealous and it’s awful for me if my boyfriend is flirting with other girls or showing all around that he likes everything that moves. But when you’re single, this problem is gone. You see how the world functionates and you fully accept it, as it doesn’t influence you so strongly. No strings attached, no feelings involved. You give yourself the validation – you own your heart, not anybody else. 

4) You realize how many options you have and how huge the world is. You realize that world is like huge store with ice cream and you don’t have to choose just one of them. You then learn how to flirt, date and find out what are you actually looking for when it comes to the partner – what kind of features should he/she have for you guys to match each other and to be actually happy. In real life. 


5) You can build strong relationships with your family and friends. Now you have time for them and you can just enjoy the time together. 

6) you don’t need to explain yourself nor to ajust to anybody. If you feel like having your room messy – it’s up to you. If you feel like ordering food every day – it’s your case. Nobody is there to tell you that you should or shouldn’t do this this or that. 






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