Happy new year everybody ! 5 days ago we’ve started 2018 and I hope everybody’s happy because of that and you are still on track with your new resolutions πŸ˜…

I wanted to start with quite an interesting topic: how to text with a person that you like

Nowadays texting is quite an important part of the relations, because we use our phones daily and, as the world became so small, we usually have to deal with long distances. How to text to keep the sparkle ? And how to text to be a good one ?

If you respond right away or wait just a little, you’re a good texter. It shows you’re not playing with the emotions of the other person and that you’re sincere. Also if you wait, the tension will most probably disappear and it will become just forced and boring.

Yaaay! People who use emojis are seemed to be more fun and easy going 😊 emojis are the signs of our millennial generation and make seem the text way more interesting

Give a people space !! Omg, I’ve dealt with it so many times ! If someone doesn’t reply for some time, it can mean :

1) didn’t see the message

2) is pretty busy

3) doesn’t really know what to respond/ needs to think about what you’ve said

4) doesn’t want to text with you

Doesn’t matter how many messages will you send – it won’t help you get the respond from the other person. Remember – space

Who cares ? It’s 21st century – if you feel like texting with this person, just do so. You only shouldn’t text first if you’ve been doing it for last 3-4 times.

I mean – world is full of players wannabe and full of people who don’t know what they want. If you’re not one of them – you’re the treasure and exceptional.

The last thing is – never send naked pictures with your face on it unless you fully trust the other person ( you’ve been together for like 4-5 years)

Once again, happy new year everybody! Use texting to flirt, create new relationships and get back the old ones β™₯️


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