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Can you always be an excellent lover ?

How many of you have been already wondering if you’re a good lover or a so so one ? What does it mean to be a good one and how can I be sure I’ll always be an excellent one? All of us who are after our 1st intercourse start to wonder about it and so today I’ll try to explain everything I know about this topic. So let’s get started 👍🏻

When do we feel that the sex was good ? When we forget about the whole world, the flow is on the same level, vibes are awesome and we both are satisfied. To have a good one you don’t need to feel anything towards the person but it does help a lot, because feelings create some sort of chemistry that is incomparable. And you can’t force feelings nor chemistry – either it’ll appear or it won’t. And so, the first thing that I think is necessary to have a good intercourse is THE CHEMISTRY. It’s the basic one and unable to work on.

The second thing is your ability to cooperate – sex won’t be good if you’re just thinking about yourself during not when you just think of how to please the other person. Cooperation is essential – we are a team and we both want to have benefits out of it. Sometimes the cooperation appears without discussing the topic before – this means bodies were unconsciously working together. But it also takes some maturity and experience.

(You don’t need to have a full convo with your partner before the intercourse – read between the lines. People love to speak about themselves and they will tell you a lot – not directly, but in some kind of hidden words. )

Another thing that makes some intercourses unforgettable are touches and kisses. In the era of quick porn it’s so easy to just have a quickie (2-3 min) and that’s it. No kisses, no passion, almost no touching involved. And, as sometimes it’s needed, those are not the unforgettable intercourses I’m writing about. A good touch of your hands and lips can make a miracles. It’s not just about genitals and places on the body considered sexual.

Flirting ! Flirting is and introduction to sex ( well, can be but doesn’t really have to be). Sex starts way before the actual intercourse. The more intense will it be, the more patience you’ll both put into it- the better. It’s about understatements, looking deep into eyes, giving compliments or the opposite to it and smiling.

Now, can you learn to be a good lover ? Yes and no.

Somethings are universal towards anybody. Somethings work just with some particular person. You scan learn how to flirt, kiss and touch. You can learn the communication. But every person is different and every relation is different. That’s why listening and just a human contact is essential to create an unforgettable intercourse.

Have a nice Sunday everybody ♥️


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