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The difference between a girl and a woman

I’ve started my first serious relationship when I was 15 and I have to admit that it was super lit. It was so fresh, so exciting and fearless. We were thinking we will be together forever – we were even planning our wedding (lol). I was completely in love and I wasn’t afraid at all – I was just following my instincts. Everything was so new and so tempting ! We were behaving like kids, basically, but it was super fun. Would I manage this relationship differently now ? Hell yeah. Do I have any regrets ? Hell no.

But 10 years ago I was a girl – in my mind I was a kid. Right now I feel like a woman and I think like a grown up. My relationships change – the way I see them, the things I pay attention to and how much of myself I give to the other person.

So, to compare myself 10 years ago and now, I have to say that :

– I trust my instincts less and I learned how to pay attention to details and facts.

– it doesn’t really matter if I fancy you or not – if you won’t show me you’re worth my time, I’m gonna skip to the next one. As harsh as it sounds.

– I work on controlling my thoughts about this person – I focus on my life, my stuff and my passions more than on daydreaming

– I definitely got to know my type of men and I don’t waste time on people who don’t fit in. It’s not about close mind – it’s because of immediate chemistry. And it only appears with some certain type

– comparing to 2008 I have fully developed female way of being

– I’m ready to start thinking about family

– it’s not that easy to impress me. I’ve experienced a lot, I’ve met a lot of people, I’ve been traveling, working on my own career and passions and so comparing myself now and the one 10 years ago it’s really hard to make me say WOW

– I learned how men think

And so that’s it for today folks 😊 I have to say that I used to be so scared of becoming a grown up but right now I have so much fun that I’ve never had in my life, because I learned how to say “it doesn’t even matter” or “fuck it” and I just enjoy the ride.

Enjoy your Tuesday !!! Besitos ♥️✌🏻


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