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Why don’t I do one night stands ?

It’s soooooo easy to have sex – there’s nothing easier than that. All it takes is two individuals. Period. You don’t even need to go to bed – any hidden public place would be okay too.

Sex is pleasant, great and it’s one of our primary urgent. But without chemistry and emotional closure is like a fast food – afterwards you just feel disgust and have some kind of hungover.

For me sex is something special and I believe that if you have an emotional connection with someone you’ll be able to enjoy the intercourse fully. It’s like food – well prepared and great quality ingredients guarantee a healthy and an awesome sensations without feeling guilty afterwards.

For one night stand you’ll always have to pay – like you pay for eating fast food. You’ll pay with your feelings the next morning and moral hungover. Not because society demands that from you but because we all want emotional connection with the people we’re fucking with. We all crave for deep relations because it’s so rare and so worthy.

Nothing that comes easy is worthy.

That’s why I don’t do one night stands.

Good night guys 😘


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