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I have a huge weakness to…

Confession time ! My own weaknesses towards men and not only. I’m basically stripping down out of my thoughts, you better appreciate it …

1. Spanish men – they are extremely masculine and fun. I love the language and I love the attitude they have. They are very laid back and funny. And extremely handsome and sexy. There’s nothing better than Spaniard who has great manners.

2) chocolate – I love the structure and the taste. I generally don’t eat sweets, as I don’t like them, but I am not able to resist this particular one. I eat one table per day

3) dark blonde men – there’s just something about dark blondes that attracts me and I’m not able to resist. Maybe it’s because the attitude blondes have ? No idea.

4) tall and skinny (with a little bit of muscles ) men

5) good and danceable music – I don’t need an alcohol to have so much fun when the music is danceable. In those moments I’m getting nuts – I can’t stop myself from dancing

6) good manners – it’s such a deficiency nowadays for people to have good manners, to use proper grammar and proper language. I love it

7) flowers – no comment. Most of my clothes have flourish pattern

8) the sarcastic sense of humor that picks at me a little

9) historical books – in my mind I’m a historian

10) men/ female relationships problems

11) Japanese/Italian food and men who know how to cook (♥️)

12) English men – because of accent and great manners. And they are pretty handsome

That’s it for tonite folks 😊 sleep nicely ♥️


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