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The only one dating technique I’m using

As my life got quite stable and I got pretty calm and happy, I got to realize one thing that I would like to share with all of you.

We have 1000000 relationship coaches and they all tell us the techniques of how to get a boyfriend, how to make a guy chase you and how to find yourself in the reality of modern dating.

Truth is all of those advices are shit.

You know why ?

Because there is no single relationship that is the same as some other.

People are different and every relationship is different. There is no just one formula that will tell you : if you wanna get a boyfriend, look for him there or there; if you want him to chase you, play hard to get and that you don’t care at all.

People play enough games and those games are just stupid because they make the other side feel undervalued and crazy. ( what a great way to start a relationship, ha?)

In my opinion what is really, really worthy is a good communication. A person who communicates its needs in a good way and in a mature way is worth millions, because we all just play silly little games that drives the other side nuts.

And then we wonder what is the actual reason we can’t have a happy relationship …

learn how to communicate your needs – how to express your feelings, thoughts, doubts. People appreciate honesty more nowadays as we lack this thing on our market. If you like him – just communicate it. If you feel like he’s playing games – communicate the fact that you feel led on and you don’t want to continue on that road any more.

Good communication skill is a gold. It allows us to feel like humans rather than toys and upgrade us to higher level of mind state.

I believe we all start from playing games and the art of u, which is called FLIRTING but after some time of knowing each other you need to let go of some games and communicate your thoughts and needs.

I started this “technique” at the end of 2017 and communicated my doubts, thoughts and feelings to all the people that are/were important to me. After telling exactly how I felt, I experienced huge relief and the feeling of “open door” to move forward. Past is not haunting me any more and is not coming back to me in my thoughts. I literally started new life.

My full recommendation – don’t play games. It’s a silly little habit that leads you nowhere. Learn how to communicate and flirt in a mature way. This will open the right doors for you 😉

Enjoy your Monday evening babes ♥️


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