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Soy la princesa

Today I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and some of my experiences as I’m the single life stage now and for a first time in my life I really enjoy just loving myself. And as last week we had V day, I would like celebrate it in some vain way āœŒšŸ»

I started my first relationship when I was 15 and since then I’ve had 4 serious relationships. My whole life I was convinced that I need a relationship as an oxygen until I started to realize how comfy is to be just going with the flow and literally don’t push for anything.

I’m extrovert and introvert at the same time – I’m full of contradictions. I believe that it’s impossible to fully get me because I don’t really get myself sometimes. I love to party and be around people – I can be the soul of the party and make everybody just follow me. I also love to chill by myself in and enjoy that solo time – I usually watch sth, read or dance. Ah yea, I’m quite a passionate dancer. I’ve started to dance when I was 5 – my mum signed me up to salsa classes. I was dancing hip hop, I was cheerleading and I know how to pole dance. When the music comes in and the rhythm and the beat is lit I don’t need alcohol – I’ll make your party wild.

At the same time I’m pretty quiet, chill and laid back. When in dangerous situations or non convenient for me I’ll just step back and hide. Then I’ll go out, prepared mentally and solve the problem that caused me stress.

I was born with the ginger hair and, in my case, anything that you’ve ever heard about redheads is true – I feel the pain way stronger than most of people, I’m pretty crazy and I’m a passionate lover.

I’ve never had a one night stand because I need to know some person for some time already to go to bed with him.

I value good education, good manners and a good heart above anything else. Ah, and the sarcastic sense of humor. I love black sense of humor with a little bit of sugar in it.

Above it all I believe I’m still a kid deep inside of me. I can be very arrogant – sometimes I think I’m better than the rest.

Lol what a confession post āœŒšŸ»

And now, what do you guys think of yourself ?


3 thoughts on “Soy la princesa”

  1. I also show both I and E tendencies… though I think I favour the I overall. Just this weekend, I went out, and a friend I’m getting to know more said “he saw a different side to me with those moves of mine on the dancefloor!” Usually I tend to be reserved and in my own space, but my previous job involved lots of interaction. I prefer to be in an “I” space I think, but if I’m around folks I’ve gotten to know / am comfortable with (+ there’s music), I can be a completely different person.


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