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Sex-starved relationships

To all of you who are thirsty of some psychological knowledge go to YouTube and type School of life.

I happened to have on my wall some suggestions from that channel. And even though I’m not new to it I noticed some interesting videos about our sexuality. And I connected 2 of them into one piece : the sex-starved relationships and the philosophy of oral sex.

I’ve been having a sex-less relationship for some time and I have to admit I was the rejected side. This creates a huge frustration because it feels like a jail – you really want to stay faithful because you love your partner but you do have your basic needs and they are not met with that person. Besides the frustration you start to feel ashamed and quite lonely.

As I’ve found out from the video lack of sex in a long-term relationships is happening pretty often and it’s one of the main reasons to break up(70% of couples break up because of that that reason). But sex is just an indicator of the relation – you have way bigger feedback behind it. A person who refuses to make love to you is just simply not telling you what’s bothering her/him. So we are coming back to the problem with communication – we don’t know how to politely communicate what’s the problem and at the same time we don’t want to create bigger drama. So we keep it to ourselves. The problem grows. The other side doesn’t know what’s going on. And we end up being unhappy and think that we’re with the wrong person or that we’re not made for relationship.

Cheating, in those situations happens pretty often too.

Not because we don’t love our partner, but because we’ve stopped expecting him/her to listen or open up to us.

What has oral sex to do with all of this if we’ve been talking about lack of sex ?

Love making is happening only if we trust the other person and we have created emotional bond – we are communicating, we are attracted to each other and we treat each other with respect. Eroticism is extremely beautiful and precious but it can also be repulsive if done with the wrong person.

Oral sex represents my full acceptance over you and even more than that – it shows that I crave all of you and I’m able to give you pleasure and just being satisfied looking at you receiving it.

What’s the conclusion ?

Following what you feel it’s real and communicating your needs, thoughts and doubts is the key to life and any relation you’ll ever have.

Silence is way more hurtful than the truth.

Enjoy your Friday ppl ♥️♥️♥️


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