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Pretty girl, dirty girl baby

What does it mean to be a player ? It basically means to lie about your feelings- indicating that you do have some of them while you really don’t and you just expect somebody to give you something in exchange for your time and “feelings”.

It also means to protect your heart and emotions as you’re scared of emotional closure and so it’s better to be fake, because then nobody can really hurt you. It’s probable somebody did hurt you in past and now you’ll do anything for that situation to never, EVER happened again. It’s also very probable this is the way to have fun or revenge on past lovers that hurted you.

Not only men are players, as it’s a pretty common way of thinking- females can be a players as well. We play according to the same rules, just show them in a different light. It’s all about charm and as much of an opposite hormone as possible ( testosterone and estrogen ). It’s al about playfulness and just being able to detect what does the other person lack in her/his life.

Many women complain that they’ve been the victim of player and how to keep yourself from that. Well, you gotta know the rules first.

This post is only for my dear ladies ♥️



1) think like a guy and act like a lady : when it comes to minds both of you must be at least equal. You think of what you’re doing. It’s like a chess playing – you don’t just think of the next move you’re about to do. You think of 2-3 next ones – of yours and of the opposite side. You need to read your competition like a book – you can’t just be blinded by their appearance or cute little words. And you can never be led by your emotions – imagine you don’t have any. You’re cold inside.

2) Don’t chase him – if he’s intrigued, he’ll come to you. And now, players are usually pretty confident people. The moment you show him you’re more confident than he is and that you want things to be done like you want them to be done, you’re destroying him.

3) have your life and have several options besides him – men are hunters. They LOVE dares. If your only option is he, check mate – he won. Why? Because he’ll feel it.

4) the sexier you are, the better. He’ll be drawn to you as crazy because you’ll wake up the most urgent of his needs and at the same time you’re unreachable.

5) have sex with him but only on your terms – if you’re the one who fulfill his needs, you’re done. It means he has you on your needs and you’re not attractive to him any more

6) compliment him and be very charming and feminine. Men just love the pure feminine energy and there’s nothing that can stop him if he sees you as a feminine female.

Those are the rules I’ve noticed always work to play the guy. Those are also the rules to play the girl. Learn them and don’t let yourself to be lead again. Or … become a player. The choice is fully yours 😉

Have a nice Friday babes ♥️


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