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I am a huge believer in a meaning of signs of zodiacs. Not that I believe that horoscope is accurate and can predict your future, rather your personality traits and if we could actually be compatible or not. It always works and I really see people from the same signs to have the same traits.

And as the blog is about flirting etc I’ll just try to describe how to seduce each sign of zodiac ( according to my point of view – the cancerians one )


My best friend and my sister are Aries. I was trying to date Aries for some time. I love this sign so much as they are just so real, straight to the point and you can have a lot of fun with them.

As from what I’ve noticed they are not really needy and the relationship is the last thing on their mind, if they’re single. But you can seduce them by being real and at the same time a little bit mysterious. What they also like is the opposite energy to what they have- if they’re masculine, they’re gonna be attracted to sb that’s rather feminine.


Taurus people are extremely loyal and fierce-full. It’s impossible to win the fight with them ( doesn’t matter if you’re right or not ). What they usually lack is the warmth from the other person and affection.


I LOVE GEMINIS, even though they’re crazy and unpredictable as they can be. One day they are completely in love with you and are able to marry you, the next day they feel like you’re not as important in their lifes as it seemed. You never know what’s gonna happen next with the Gemini. What they need is somebody who can keep up with their never-stop-working mind and with their sexual drive. Gemini’s hate boredom – it annoys them more than anything else.

It’s a hard battle to win a Gemini’s heart, it’s a long way to go. The best way is to show him you want to be with HIM, because of the kind of person he is. Also, very important aspect in that case is sex. If the sex is awesome and you stimulate him intellectually, he’s yours.


I’m just basically telling you how to win my hear over, but whatever.

To win a cancers heart is to be funny, flirty and at the same time give them security. You need to be felt like you’re reliable and you have a good heart. Cancers love the security and a good laughs. It won’t be a long way if cancer thinks you’re hot, desirable, intelligent, funny and reliable.


Leos are always the center of attention. Always. This is the best way to recognize if sb is a leo or not. You will need to be a little bit submissive, I guess, to win that persons heart. Also be able to handle the lack of depth and being on the move 24. They love to have fun, they are very passionate and very self concentrated.


Virgos are serious people and they point attention to how you look a lot. They are very deeply into sexy people as well as the ones who are a little bit nerdy. If you have the package, they’re yours. You need to stimulate their minds and their bodies. Be able to talk about anything, open their minds and be prepared for discussions. And a really hot intercourses.


Libras are the most laid backs of the signs. Idk that much about their desires but I guess they look for calm and sb reliable. They don’t like dramas, so drama queens won’t attract them. Just be calm and laid back… I guess


I LOVE SCORPIOS ! They are extremely passionate and mysterious. Always ready to have fun and a good, late night conversations. You definitely have to be sexual in order to win this persons heart. And they desire somebody who knows how to have fun. On the other hand you need to like to cuddle in the night and be affectionate with your feelings, as Scorpios are pretty emotional. They are also always impressed if you “have balls” and are not scared of life.


Give them : a lot of sex, affection and warmth. Stimulate them intellectually and be reliable. They are way more emotional and care way more than you’ve ever could imagine.

Sagittarius are fun people to be around and they don’t like people who complain or make their moods worse. They need positivity in their life and they crave that kind of partner.


You should definitely be straight forward and somehow fun, as they have a tendency to be extremely serious. On the other hand they tend to not like that seriousness about them, that’s why they need sb to wake up their fun side.

Ah, and always say the truth. They are a stalkers, they already know everything about you.


Aquarius is very similar to gemini, just not as two-faced and crazy as them.

My advice is- read between the lines of what Aquarius tells you and read the body language.


LoL, be a gold-hearted person and fun at the same time. You need to be like a saint on a party. They love those contradictions. They’ll also appreciate somebody who enjoys life and will be able to go for adventures with them. Pisces are extremely reliable and emotional. Remember about it


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