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A mi me gustan mayores

If you still didn’t know what does this mean, I’ll light you up -literal translation -” I like older guys”. Older than myself. And the sentence is true and so I would like to tell you why today and if it has always been like this.

I used to not care that much to be honest. I used to just follow my heart and choose the ones I like – no age, no nationality had an impact on this. So then I was in a 4year relationship with a younger than me guy (1 year younger).

We both were pretty immature as I was 21 when I met him. So I didn’t really know how to do it to make him mine. And at first he would behave quite badly towards me. The great thing about him was that he was always willing to confront the situation and tell the truth. He wasn’t playing games. Which now seems really surprising for me, taking into consideration how guys I’m meeting now behave, being older than my ex at that time.

I’ve met some people after a break up and I got into the point where I really want to cut myself out of younger ones.

Why ?

THEY ARE IMMATURE. They play some stupid little games and don’t really know how to behave in a situation when they like you or when you reject them. I sometimes was feeling like if I was confronting the 7yo kids.

THEY ARE EXTREMELY MODERN AND DON’T REALLY FEEL LIKE PROVIDING YOU WITH ANY KIND OF ROMANTICISM. Even though we have 21st century and we are equals, doesn’t matter that women don’t want to be getting flowers or being paid on first or second dates, because we do. Also if we wanna wait with sex, many of them don’t really know how to respect it. In the contrary, guys over their 27-28 are just enough mature to get it all and are able to provide those things to you – patience, respect, honesty and romanticism.

THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT – if they just want to meet casually, they’re gonna tell you that. If they want a relationship, they’re gonna act according to it.

What I’m telling about, are just my own experiences. Doesn’t mean that all the younger boys behave in this way, because there are exceptions, and I did meet the exceptions as well. Even created sth more.

Have a nice Saturday babes 🌺


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