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would I tell you, if I cheated…?

To be honest I never plan my posts ahead. It’s like an impuls – I think of some interesting topic that would be nice to talk about and just speak my mind.

Recent talks and conversations with multiple people made me wonder about cheating.

I used to think in black and white – you cheat on your partner, you’re a bad person, that hurts the person that’s closest to you. I used to be extremely judgemental and saw things as they are not. As I started to grow up and get experience, my mind changed it’s vibes and now I try not to judge, but rather understand the whole situation.

People cheat because of multiple reasons – they are not in love with their partner any more, they search for an adventure, they want to feel wanted again etc. We have as many reasons to cheat as to actually have sex.

And, let’s say – it happened. You cheated on your partner. Your conscious is probably killing you right now and you can’t really behave as you usually do. You avoid eye contact, you feel like the last bastard on the earth.

… and this is the price you pay for cheating, baby. I always say that truth will set you free and the good communication is the key, but I wouldn’t be so sure when it comes to cheating. Revealing the truth can be completly destroying to your partner – for your relationship, for your partner’s psyche and future behaviors.

You always pay the price. In this case you should be paying with that secret that, most probably will kill you at some point and you’ll need to finish the relationship.


Always think twice before doing sth. Take into consideration that you always pay for what you’re doing. Nothing is for free.

There’s always a price to pay




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