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the importance of kissing

I already  wrote one post about kissing, will share the link with you below. This post will be also about kissing, but what I’m about to do now is to tell you why is it so important to be a good kisser once you’re an adult.


We live in a capitalist world where we can buy everything in one second. No need to go to the store any more – you click 3 times and you have your new purse with you within 1-2 days. You go to the party and you can fuck whomever you feel like without any kind of efforts. You don’t even need to kiss that person !

When you’re a teenager and you have your first kiss – you imagine it, you can’t wait for it and you get so much nervous when doing it for a first time, it has that magic. That kind of magic that kissing is supposed to have. It’s about the first stage of sexual connection but still, it’s just so innocent. Done right can be one of the best memories in your life. Done bad can damage the whole image of kissing.

Then we start to have sex and after some time the intercouse just gets as natural as kissing. But intercourse is WAAAAY  more intimate than kissing. Kissing is just an introduction. But for me it’s the same as with book – if the introduction is right, I’ll want more and more.

So why do we start to devaulate the value of kissing? So many people don’t really know how to do it ! ( and all of those people are more than 23 ) For so many people kissing HAS TO lead to sex and they feel that it’s something wrong with them if kissing doens’t lead to intercourse.

To kiss good is an art, trust me. It requires experience, passion and a chemistry. It is extremly important and can make you so excited and curious you couldn’t even imagine. It’s the saliva’s exchange ( ugh ) but it’s still sexy if done right. And a good kiss can make your intersourse an awesome one rather than just a good one.

To kiss is an art.

Always remember about that.




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