some of the girls’ secrets

1The mayority of people have that strange thought that all the girls love it in a romantic way. It’s a wrong one – when it comes to intercourse, per se we love it as you guys love it – pretty rough and passionately.  Which doesn’t mean we don’t like it in a romantic way from time to time though.

2Most of us starts being pretty naive and a little bit romantic. Life teaches us how to become a real life player and then the coach. We definitely learn how to not be played and how to use our feminine powers to get you crazy about us. 3We are a great secret keepers… we and our best friend. She knows everything. And when I say everything, I mean it. She’ll know when you were a dickhead to her, that you are not really good at oral sex and that you’re too clingy, but she’ll keep you waiting… just in case. She’ll also know all your secrest 🙂4This one is harsh and really shallow, but it’s true. It’s the matter of biology and the possibility to wear heels. I’m really sorry boys. 5Every girls will act completly different around guy she geniuenly likes and around the guy that she doesn’t feel any sexual chemistry with. If she tells you” you’re like a brother to me’, trust her. It’s not a stupid little game, nor an attempt for you to chase her. It means she doesn’t see you as anything else than a friend. 6My grandma has an amazing cooking skills and she cooks for everybody. I would prefer to go for a sushi or pizza rather than cook. So if I do an effort to prepare a meal for you, it means A LOT. We’re living in a generation of millenials where a lot of traditiona costumes and values are dissapearing. If we show some of them towards you, you know what does it mean. 7It’s disgouting, I know. But this is how it is… sorry, not sorry



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