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Pros and cons of dating your zodiac



pros : Aries people are very straight forward and very warm. They care about their beloved and are very protective over them. They are logical but at the same time very fun to be around. I love the sarcastic sense of humor all the aries’ I know have. You will never be bored with them and you will always know where are you standing, because Aries people don’t hold grudges and like to say everything that’s on their mind right away. Also they are not jealous people – they have a huge amount of trust. What also needs to be said is that Aries people are very independent – in any kind of mening of that word.

Cons : They are fire sign and it’s really hard to change their mind. You either must be very persuasive or catch them in the moment of weakness. Once Aries is sure that something he/she’s doing is the right thing to do, you won’t change their mind.



pros : Taurus people have a huge amount of chill inside of themselves. They are laidback but at the same time they love to be on the move. They are very social and extremly helpful. They are patient, responsible and very stable. They are strong and protective, so if you’re looking for somebody, who can take care of you, Taurus is the best option for you. They usually have their opinions about everything but at the same time they are a great listiners. They don’t close their mind on other people’s opinions because they know they can learn sth new from them.

cons : They can be extremly harsh when in a moment of fight. They don’t mess around and won’t care about your feelings. They are also pretty stubborn and can be very cruel. If they try to be a least harsh as possible towards you, they must really love you.



pros : Geminies are very fun people to be around and are highly intelligent. They love it when there’s a lot going on and they need to be on the move all the time. They are great lovers and great conversationists. They are a big kids – they love to be cheerfull, energetic and curious. They are known to be a huge flirts, but once they are attached to someone and they have feelings for that person, there’s no need to be worried – the gemini person will be devoted as nobody else. They can teach you a lot of things and will want to be tought by you. They will also take a huge pleasure if they will have a possibility to learn new things with their beloved once.

cons : the never -stopping changes. One day they will tell you how much they love to change their mind completly the following day. They have a huge tendency change their mind very quickly as well as their personalities. They have a huge need for independence, so most of geminies don’t stande relationships in the best way. They do have to compromise a lot and sacrifice important parts of their life for another person.



pros : cancers are highly intuitive people. They will feel all of your emotions before you can even call them and will support you while you feel them all. They are great companions, very reliable and loyal, but at the same time fun to be around. Cancers have motherly aspect in themselves so to protect their beloved ones is something that comes naturally to them. They show their emotions eaisly, don’t lie and are called to be the sweatest of the zodiac. They are like little children sometimes, which can melt your heart. Cancers are also known for their sarcastic sense of humor. What is also a huge pro of cancer is that they are very passionate lovers – known to be as one of the best you can ever have.

cons : clinginess. Once cancer is attached to you, that person will be pretty needy. What is also a huge con is the mood changes – as the cancer is ruled by the moon, their emotions changes so fast, it’s hard to keep up with them.



pros : Leos are very protective people over the ones they love and don’t really mess around with people that hurt them or the people close to them. They are very fun people to be around and are very straight forward – they will tell you exactly what they think. They value only what’s the best because they usually have high self esteem, so their partner and friends need to keep up with his/her level. And so their partner must have the whole package – intelligence, beauty ( from the inside and outside ), warmth and sexappeal.

cons : vanity. Most of leos are so covinced of their value, that there’s nothing else that can change that vision. If something will crash that vision, they’ll go even deeper into their awesomeness. They are also pretty possesive and harsh in their words.



pros : very stable people, very self-conscious, hard workers and perfectionists. If you have a virgo as your spouse, they’ll value your intelligence above anything else. They love smart and self-conscious people and they are drown to it. They love to think and they use their logical part of mind more than the emotional ones. What is also great about them is that they’re very helpfull – always there if you need help.

cons : they can be too logical and too serious. They can also be too much of perfectionists, which sometimes take away all of the fun they could possibly have.



pros : The most laidback people of all the zodiac. They hate dramas, to fight and are extremly diplomatic. If a Libra person is mad at you, it means you really messed up. They love to have fun, be around people and are very charming. Libras usually are in a relationship as people are drown to them like crazy. They love to take care of people, be a little bit old-fashioned and appreciate the truth – they are drown to people who are real and don’t pretend to be something they are not.

cons : too flirty sometimes while don’t even realize about it.



pros : one of the most cheerfull and fun zodiacs to be around. It is impossible to be bored with Sagittarious person. They are always up to do sth and they love to experience life. They are independent, straight forward and always on the move. They hate stupidity and immaturity. They move forward pretty fast and don’t really hold grudges. They have super-colorfull lifes, but rarely let people into their lifes. Sagitarious is like a Leo when it comes to partners – you need to be on their level in order for them to consider you as something serious and worth their time.

cons : it’s hard for them to speak about their emotions and to be stable. They have a hard time to commit to something as feeling like in a trap or jail is the biggest fear of a Sagittarious person. Therefore marriage and any kind of stable job freaks them out like nothing else in this world.



pros : scorpios are very intense and passionate people. Extremely protective and loveable. They are fun people to be around and they are considered to be one of the best lovers out of all zodiacs. With scorpio is all or nothing – they don’t like to play. Either they do something or will pull back completly. What is the key word to understand scorpios is their intesity – it’s easy to recognize one by the way they look at you. If they like you, you’ll feel so shy just because of those eyes they have on you.

cons : sometimes it’s impossible to get to know scorpio’s feelings, even though they do realize about them fully. If they have a need to pull back, they’ll do it without teling you a word. They are also a great manipulators once they feel like in any danger,



pros : they are very stable people who know what they want. They have a tendency think in a logical way rather than emotional and they just to what is a good way to do in a certain situation. They believe in goals rather than in a dreams and step after step they consider any little move they need to do in order to achieve goals. They are great at giving security.

cons: it’s really hard for them to be spontaneous. They value tradition and stability over anything else. They are also very logical and it’s hard for them to recognize their feelings, so they usually don’t follow them.



pros : highly intelligent people who also know how to have fun. They are very peacefull and it’s almost impossible to hear that they have started any conflict. They know what they want and they do it all to achieve it. They know their emotions, know how to call them and know how to handle bad ones. They are not clingy at all – they just wanna have fun with you and experience life as best as possible. They are good at creating a bubble for themselves and if youre in, it really means something.

cons : they always do what they want to do – it’s unusuall for them to adjust their life to somebody elses’. They can be very datached and harsh.




pros : so called the sweethearts of the zodiacs. They are very emotional, they love to take care of people and the are very well-behaved. They pay attention to your feelings, to your moods and try to act according to it. They are fun peolpe to be around. And even though they are pretty emotional, they are tough as well. They know how to fight for themseves and don’t really give up eaisly.

cons: sometimes too harsh or too detached. They have difficulties to talk about their feelings and have a huge tendency to put themselves as the role of a victim



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