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all the men are assholes … are they ?

Recently I red the book of polish sexologist called Lew Starowicz ” about men”. He’s a great specialist in that field and reading his books is always a pleasure. You know he knows what he’s talking about – his thoughts are concrete and straight to the point.

I underlined several things I would like to talk about now – several things that differ us both – men and women, things that influence modern boys and how can we coorelate better.

1 ) Men immaturity is a fact – we have an epidemy of Peter Pans. Nowadays men mature up around their 35-40’s. They are attractive for women as their lifestyles and personalities are quite colorfull and excentric. They treat life as a game, a play and they don’t like to think about things seriously. They are scared to death when the responsability appears and so the easiest way is just to escape. Why is is like this ? Because of being part of Millenial Generation – the generation of divorcees – lack of father in the household and lack of role model. Usually what was happening was that kids were living with their mothers, who tried her best to give them everything. They didn’t have a chance to face a real life problems, to face the harshness of life and become invincable.

Another reason is the emancipation of females, who try their best to be like men. Women earn as much as men, demand partnership and as much sex as men do. At the same time females have more rights than men do ( fake raping is still the thing ). Men are simply scared of females.

So where is the traditionalist manhood? it shrinks as it doesn’t have the conditions to develop. The traditional masculinity can evolve only if it’s accepted.


2) partnership is very popular nowadays but it needs to be understood that not everybody is made for that kind od relationship.

3) Men’s brain works differently than female’s one – many females are concerned when their partners are checking other women out. Men’s brains are conscructed in that way, so within several miliseconds he already knows if he would sleep with that particular female or not. It does hurts us- girls, but we don’t have enough weapons to fight against it.

Other difference is that men don’t have a tendency to be talktive ( it’s very noticable ). Being talktive is considered to be feminine rather than masculine.

4) Men are scared of female’s sexuality because making her having an orgasm is the indicator of his masculinity. Traditionally he needs to be ready all the time, so when he doesn’t really feel like having sex, he will be considered as not capable of.

5) Ladies – just let your men be. Demandings are stupid and illogical. Why ? Because we all are just an individuals. How come can we demand something from other person besides the basic respect ? He doesn’t own you anything. If he feels like playing this stupid, little computer game, let it be and take care of your own life.

6) Men didn’t have their sexual revolution and even nowadays it’s not really acceptable for a guy to show his real emotions.

7) It’s not important how big your penis is – it’s important how thick it is as the biggest amount of sensitive cells in vagina are located in the most outisde part of it.

8) If you’re one of those sensitive and romantic females, don’t try to dig into the male’s world of sexuality. There’s a lot of violence, a huge amount of desire and pretty strong eroticism. Also a lot of fantasies to do it with other females, even if you’re in a happy relationship and he deeply loves you.


I’ll continue next week, as I think it would be a little too much for a one post.

Ladies, try to understand men rather than judge them right away. They seem to struggle more than we do.



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