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Am I a relationship material ?

Regardless if you’re looking for a relationship or not, today I would like to describe characteristics of a people ( men and females ) who I think would be a great relationship material.

Men :

1️⃣ There has to be something about you that feels safe – that we can open up to you, that you’re gonna protect us when in danger, that it will feel somehow calm around you. It can be also the fact that you can be a provider ( of whatever thing, really. )

2️⃣ you need to be an honest person – I deeply believe in power of honesty and I noticed how people appreciate when you’re fully honest with them – no games, no lies. If you can be fully honest in a relationship, it’s another great + for you

3️⃣ you need to realize, that females’ brain is different than men’s. We feel much more and much stronger. If you will understand, that we, sometimes, get carried on by our emotions rather than the logical part of our brain, that’s another great plus for you.

4️⃣ be a forever conqueror – women complain quite often, that men try to get them at first stages of a relationship but then they act like if she was taken for granted. Very important rule of a great relationship – NEVER TAKE YOUR PARTNER FOR GRANTED.

5️⃣ be strong and smart enough to know when to dominate her – in bed and outside of it. We don’t really like to admit it, but when a guy can dominate us, it’s a big turn on ( I’m talking about sex situations, mostly. It’s also well seeing when in convo, but this not as often )

6️⃣ show her that you’re fascinated by her, but don’t lick her butt (lol, sorry). She needs to see that you require the attention and she needs to respect you.


8️⃣ you need to have similar sense of humor as she does. We value funny men a lot.

The rest is just the matter of taste.

Women :

1️⃣dont demand anything – we, girls, have a tendency to require millions of stuff and behaviors from guys, to then end up being so disappointed. Accept him as he is

2️⃣if you’re warm person, that’s a great plus. Nowadays women try to be as powerful and as harsh as guys, so once you are warm and can provide with safety, it’s a great thing.

3️⃣femininity is always a huge thing. Men appreciate females, who know how to develop their female side.

4️⃣ cheerfulness and independence – it shows that people can have fun with you and you won’t really depend on them. That you can cross mountains and you won’t need them, and so getting into relationship is just and “accessory” to your life, not your whole life.

5️⃣ real sex drive – many men complain, that their women have such a great sex drive at the beginning of a relationship, to then suddenly not have it at all.

Should I describe my perfect match?


My perfect match would be someone, who is more dominating than I am, but also realizes, that I can be like this as well. I am into very educated individuals, so the more into history and politics you are, the better. We need to consider ourselves as equals – I don’t want to chase you and I don’t want to be chased by you.

With the perfect match I have a huge sexual chemistry, that is like a drug. And we can experiment a lot, feeling safe and playful at the same moment. You respect me, you are not boring and you accept the fact, that I value my freedom more than anything else.

You don’t push me to do things I won’t wanna do. You don’t try to teach me life and criticize all my mistakes.

You have your life, I have my life and we together have our life.

You, most probably have a spanish type of looks, are a little bit taller than I am and take care of your looks.


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