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why dating apps seem so … unhuman?


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People have a tendency to say : in our times dating is a shit; nobody really wants to commit; it used to be completly different ( and you are a Millenial, lol ). The truth is that YES, every generation is different, but people crave the same things as 100, 200 and 1000 years ago. We are animals with the conscious thoughts and cravings. Besides the basic needs, like the need to eat, defecate, sleep etc people have higher needs like to be happy, safe etc. Following that path – we all wanna fall in love, because we wanna feel butterflies in our bellies, we wanna be taken care of, we wanna take care of somebody and share intimacy.

I can agree with the fact that 20 and more years ago if you wanted to get to know somebody new, you needed to leave your house and go out to people. Nowadays we have multiple choice of apps – dating and non dating apps, that allow us getting to know people from all around the world. We create account and think we have an access to entire world – especially with Instagram. Still, our consciouss have a tendency to treat people that we meet via our phone as non human beings ( doesn’t matter if later on we will get to know each other in real life ). Dating apps are associated with sex and fast hook ups – and fast sex relief is not seeing well by ourselves ( of course, there are expetions to that rule – people can create relationships after one-night stand ).

Dating apps are seeing simmilar as food apps – I order and have it pretty fast. We don’t treat people, that we met via our phones as human beings. We have a tendecny to say things we would never even think of saying in a real world. We think we are cooler and hotter than we actually are and treat others like if they were a products on the shelf in the store – we swipe left and right, procrastinating our time.

So even though we might be seeing each other for some time, there appeared pretty accurate term in dating world called GHOSTING. People decide to stop texting you and just ignore yourself, leaving you feeling anxious and insecure. Why do they do it ? Because they can! – you’re not a human being – you’re just a random chick/guy met online. You don’t have common friends or ground that would force them to get back to you, because otherwise not replying to you would be embarassing. So they know there won’t be any price to pay.

The last thing, that comes to my mind is that it’s still kinda shamefull to admit to your friends and family where did you meet that person. It sounds better, if you say – I met her in dancing classes, I met him in the UNI rather than saying – I met him/her on tinder. There still exists that stigma and I guess we still need time to get use to it. People still value real world more than the virtual one, even though we have a tendency to spend enormous time online nowadays. 




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