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the questioning

Today I’ll just answer some of the questions that people ask me pretty often and questions I used to ask myself, and couldn’t find any answer

ex file

I learned, that if you guys broke up, it happend because of some particular reason. Come backs are in more than 90% useless, but if you really want this guy back, do exactly what would you do if you didn’t want him back – give yourself a break from texting him, answering his messages and checking out his profiles. For then next 30/60 days he’s not existing. In the meantime focus on self-development and fulfilling important for you tasks.

Many people say : spend as much time with your friends and family now.

I also think you should spend a lot of time with them, but dont use them as a shield against pain and loneliness, as it will appear back once you’re alone.


Most probably he got together with the girl he was also dating or with his ex and how he’s scared to admit that and tell you the truth.

Pay attention to his texts, to the places he’s taking you to, to his social media ( and if he’s even sharing them with you ). Men can’t lie that well.

Other, very simple option is that he thinks you guys are not compatibile.


Yes, but there’s a huge price to pay for this. You need to be very persistent, be absolutely sure you guys have a lot of things in common and make it absolutely sure for him, that you’re faithfull ( even though he, most probably is not really to you). This is a very big price to pay, because at the end I can’t assure you that you will get his heart.

Men have a tendency to think different that women – they first need to experience stuff they want to experience, get a well-paid job, flat and a car to then think about a relationship in a serious way. Untill he feels like he doesn’t have anything to offer to you and he didn’t experience stuff he wants to, you almost don’t have a chances.


Socialize. Have fun in your life. Be stable. Don’t think seriously about exapcts.


First of all, answer yourself a question – what do you want from him? Do you really fancy him enough to start dating in a serious way ? Or does it bother you, that he now stopped paying attention to you ?

if it’s the first case – give him some space, act cool and take care of your life. If he won’t reach to you within 1-2 weeks, text him and give him one more chance.

If we have a second case, just move on. I’m serious.


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