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How to make the relationship last ?

Here we are – we met somebody, that we are geniually attracted to, that we’ve opended up to and we seriously feel better with the person rather than if we’re by ourselves. We then decide to get into a relationship as we feel the butterflies and the person seems so compatible. We are so happy now ! Seeing cons of our SO is pretty much contradition in terms and we are head over heels with this person… Oh God, I know that feeling 😅


After THE PHASE, we start to notice the negative traits about the person – that he/she snores so loud, that this person is pretty messy, that our SO is very flirty with other people. We then think – okay’ it’s not that bad. I am hadnling it. What really happens is the sex appears less and less, we are more and more annoyed because of that person’s behavior and we fight. WE FIGHT A LOT. We then try to keep the relationship alive, but somehow it turns out it’s just too late.


We finish up broken, empty and with the need of going through the grief period. It leaves marks on our mind, makes us way more untrustfull towards others. But, even though we should learn on those experiences and get to some wise conclusions, somehow many of us don’t change the behavior and when in met with somebody we like, the pattern is again repeated.


Today I’ll tell you when is the right moment to get into a relationship and how to make it last 

1 ) First of all – don’t let yourself be led by the beautifull illusion of a perfect partner – it doesn’t exist. It’s about the ability of communicating the needs, doubts and thoughts with other person. We should speak loud of what we want and need. We should speak loud of what bothers us and what are our boundries. Don’t keep the thoughts to yourself, because it’s a relationship killer. Communication -since beginning – is a key to helathy and a great relationship.


2 ) Second – don’t try to change the other person to be suitable to you. If you’re desperate to find a relationship, you won’t find one. I’ve tested this weird law so many times – every time I am cravig for something so badly and I am desperated, it runs away from me as far as possible. Just relax, enjoy life and work on upgrading yourself.


3 ) Third – if you aleady are in a relationship – respect that person, communicate and have your life. Don’t stop to adore your SO, create a little suprises, make them feel appreciated. There’s nothing worse than a couple so stick to each other so badly and a couple who demands more and more from each other. Remember, nobody owns you anything. Your SO can walk away from you any moment. It’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker, therefore you also need to have YOUR OWN LIFE ( trust me, been there, done that ). This will give your insurance that in case of any bad event you will have a people, work or passion to support you. You won’t be left desparately craving for him/her to come back.



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