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The perfect lap dance

As mentioned in one of the posts I wrote for the Sex academy ( LINK ) sex is not contained just out of intercourse per se – it starts way before we even think it have started. You flirt, you feel the chemistry, your pupils are way bigger etc.

After some time it becomes quite boring and we feel like upgrading our sex life somehow. It can be by trying new positions, toys, dirty talk. It can also apply to some kind of role playing or – if you want to do it with your partner – inviting other people to your bed.

In today’s post I would like to teach you how to perform an amazing lap dance, that will arouse both of you and add a lot of spice to your sex ( and love ) life 😉


First of all – an amazing lap dance requires self-confidence. If you won’t feel sexy, seductive and confident, none of you will enjoy it. You need to feel your body, your moves and create the seductive atmosphere. You need to be the leader here and this requires courage.

The amazing lap dance will be seductive, sensual and sexy as hell. And again – the real one starts way before you even start doing it. It’s about feeling your seductive side of a … stripper 😅

If you’re one of those shy girls I would recommend you to start with something small like to be a first one who kisses or touches or cuddles. And follow the flow in the following days


I won’t post any video on youtube with the perfect instruction of how to make a lap dance, but I can describe how I am doing it and recommend you to search on your own the videos you like the most

( As far as I am aware, Carmen Electra is a nice example, but it’s about finding your own style. Videos are just to make you aware of the pattern )

I am usually starting with preparing myself mentally to whom I am about to dance for. I then prepare music that would be perfectly suitable and spend few evenings on my own just dancing to that song with a chair in the middle of the room.

I do feel my sexuality and sensuality and keep in mind 2 things  – we both need to have fun and my job is to fully seduce the person I am dancing for.

You can perform a striptease while dancing, but with the right clothes, moves and the atmosphere it’s not necessairy.


It depends of what you both like – it can be rock music, house, edm… depends on both of you.

I will just try to inspire you with several songs that I consider to be the best

  • Agorazein – Superreservao
  • Anne – Marie – Boy
  • Arctic Monkeys – I wanna be yours
  • Arctic Monkeys – R U mine
  • Ariana Grande – be my baby
  • Autograf – Future Soup
  • Britney Spears – breathe on me
  • Cosculluela – Solo a solas
  • Dan Marciano – Boy I believe
  • Disciples – Daylight ( Boston Bun Remix )
  • Eden Prince – Toxic
  • Haley Smalls – Go Low
  • Jamirouai – Superfresh ( Oliver Heldens Remix )
  • Maluma – Intentalo
  • Maluma – tu cariño
  • Liam Payne – Strip that down
  • Maluma – La Ex
  • Mau y Ricky, Becky G – Mal de cabeza
  • Milky Chance – Cocoon
  • Ringside – Money
  • Natti Natasha, Bad Bunny – Amantes de una noche
  • Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande – Bed
  • Baby Bash – Suga Suga
  • Tinashe – Vulnerable
  • Two Feet – go fuck yourself



Something Sexy. Something that makes you feel confident and sensual.

I would also say – stay classy.

And let your imagination stay awake

In case of any questions, don’t hasitate to ask me 😄




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