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I need to ditch you … sorry

I’m about to describe one of the worst situations possible that we all have to face … sooner or later.

I’m talking about ditching somebody. I’m talking about the situation, when somebody is very attracted to you but you can’t say the same. When you get so annoyed when you get all of those text messages that you don’t even reply, trying to ask you out and trying to be as close to you as possible. I’m talking about the situation, when the other person is getting nervous and sweaty just because you’re around … yay!

It’s pretty difficult to ditch somebody like this as we don’t want to make him/her feel bad and we don’t want to hurt them, but on the other side we don’t feel the same as they do and we can’t offer them anything besides friendship. And the “friendship” is the last thing that kind of person would like to receive from us.

So how do we do it ?

I think there’s no smooth way to ditch a person. Either you can ghost out ( easier for you, so painful for the other person ), lie that you do have someone else ( he/she needs to have a lack of knowledge about your relationship status ) or tell the truth.

The truth is the best option, even if it might seem very hurtful at first. It clears the air and helps the other side to take a step forward. You don’t keep them hanging and hoping that one day they will get you.

Don’t send mixed signals – be aware of what you want and consequently fulfill your own will. If you don’t want to start any romantic relationship with the person – say so and behave according to what you’ve said.

The person might have negative feelings towards you, at first. That’s normal – it’s the natural reaction to rejection – it’s the protective phase. You should be especially aware of this fact if you’re working with that person or have them in your clique.


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