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would I date your sign?

Besides my interest in the topic of men-female relationships I love :

  1. history ( lol )
  2. to dance
  3. to be sarcastic
  4. astrology

And today I will write something about the last point mentioned above. A little bit of fun, nothing really serious nor scientific.

I get along with some people and with some I don’t. Obvious. But what I’ve noticed – I always get along with people that have same signs.

The topic is – would I date your sign? As we have a Cancer season ( and my bday is about to come very soon ) let’s start from Cancers

  1. CANCER – yes and no. I love cancer ladies as we are very sensitive, funny and warm. And besides it all the cancerian women will be always the hottest out of whole clique, due to the feminine energy that we all carry inside. Cancer men have a lot of feminine energy as well and this can be pretty annoying. Deeply insecure can become violent when you don’t give them security. But at the same time will take care of you without you asking them for it. They will listen to you, suppport you and make you laugh like nobody else. So I don’t really know…
  2. LEO – hmm… leos are very vain and dominative, but at the same time they carry this amazing masculine energy that attracts like nothing else. They are self-confident, they are always in the spotlight and are very funny. I like leo men. Might be dating one
  3. VIRGO – no. Virgos are way too strict for me and we don’t get the other persons’ sense of humor. We just don’t click, our vibes are way too different.
  4. LIBRA – ehm… I really don’t know as I don’t know so many Libras
  5. SCORPIO – this is my fav sign to date. Me and scorpio men are getting along very eaisly and we are drawn to each other like crazy. I know their flaws but they have a lot of amazing qualities that I need and require in men. My love for scorpio men is eternal.
  6. SAGITTARIOUS – I love sagittarious girls as they are so fun to be around and so nice, but men are PLAYERS. They know exactly how to play you and then act like nothing happen. I hate players and stay away from them as far as possible. so no
  7. CAPRICORN – I love their sarcastic sense of humor but they are way too strict for me and too serious. We don’t vibe
  8. AQUARIUS – aquarians have a tendency to become a really good buddies of mine, as we vibe, but only as friends. We just don’t create that kind of sexual chemistry. We could talk and laugh for hours but we’re more like bffs than like a bf and gf.
  9. PISCES – I love pisces as they are so sweet and so thoughtfull, but men pisces are way too sensitive for me ( and I am very sensitive ). So situation that’s simmilar to the aquarius one – we vibe but as friends.
  10. ARIES – yes, even though I would be scared as hell. Men that have this sign are sweet and caring, but also have a huge tendency to cheat. They take things very lightly and they don’t think too much of the damages they are causing.
  11. TAURUS – yes, even though they have a tendency to manipulate you emotionally like nobody else. But they care about other person and are very loyal, which I appreciate and admire.
  12. GEMINI- no, even though geminies are one of my fav people. We vibe, we click but we need different things in a relationship. Cancerians have a tendency to be moody and a little bit needy, wheras this scares the gemini people off. Also geminies need the intelectual stimulation 24/7 and I, sometimes, would just prefer to chill and be sure that my partner cares as much as he did yesterday ( with gemini person you actually never know )


So yeah, this is how I feel about your sign when it comes to dating 🙂 what are your types?




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