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26 things that single life taught me so far

  1. For some people cheating doesn’t matter – they do it to then come back to their partners like if nothing happened and you need to get it over with. It’s not like everybody will have same morals as you do and it’s okay.
  2. It is possible to be in good touch with your ex but only when you both con’t hope to come back to each other
  3. Realize of your own morality and follow it. If you’re revengerous, get to the point why is it happening and if it’s something that you really wanna be doing for others. If yes – go for it.
  4. Never assume anything – base your actions on facts.
  5. Take care of your friends and family. They are the most important
  6. Get crystal clear of what you want in life and go for it. Other’s opinion should never matter to you.
  7. Get organized, independent and positive person. Negative energy not only destroys everybody else around you but your whole life and yourself.
  8. Independence is the key word to happiness.
  10. If every single day you will go to new place, you will meet new people and experiene something new, you will become a completly different person. Expand your horizons as much as possible
  11. You can’t control others. If somebody’s intention is to hurt you, they’ll do it, no matter how hard you try to prevent it.
  12. Men want the same things as ladies do. They just need more time to get to those points.
  13. Your ex might be trying to come back to you and don’t even mention about it. Be carefull
  14. You won’t change the type of energy you’re creating – if you’re emotional, it will always be kinda hard for you to focus on work and daily life when in love things don’t go as you would like them to be going
  15. It is worth to fight for a guy, but first you need to discover if he’s really worth it
  16. You will meet players on your ways and you will be played by them.
  17. Don’t play with other people’s feelings.
  18. You and your partner need to feel like you’re on the same levelel
  19. Why resist change if it’s main source of your growth ??
  20. Have your opinion aboout politics and learn how to talk about it.
  21. Quality of your relationships indicates the quality of your life.
  22. Cherish your partners when they’re still by your side. You will miss them when they’re gone.
  23. You rarely go wrong when you trust yourself
  24. Try to understand people and forgive them their mistakes. Second chances can be used in a way you could have never imagined
  25. Take care of your body and your health






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