My name is Iga


At the begining of my 20’s I was studying psychology just to then become sexologist. Relationships between men and women were always intriguing me to the point of deciding to make a career out of this. I’ve always seen how open people were to me to talk about their love life, problems and get my advices.

I then decided to take a break, but the topic has never died. It has always been on my mind as well as attitude of people towards me and talking about their love lifes never changed.

I’ve been through a lot mysef and so I got a lot of experience. I also red a lot about the topic. There also comes the fact that I’ve heard a lot of stories, I was observing them then and just taking my conclusions.  And so, here I am in the middle of my 20’s, living in Spain, deciding to share my experience in the field of dating, sex and relationship and just guide you 🙂