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would I tell you, if I cheated…?

To be honest I never plan my posts ahead. It's like an impuls - I think of some interesting topic that would be nice to talk about and just speak my mind. Recent talks and conversations with multiple people made me wonder about cheating. I used to think in black and white - you cheat… Continue reading would I tell you, if I cheated…?


Porn – good or bad ?

Today I'm going to write about quite controversial topic ( still in XXIst century, can you believe it ?). The Porn. Filming, when people have sex is nothing bad at all. It's a natural thing and as long as we have instincts and curiosity, we'll want to see how other people do it. We have… Continue reading Porn – good or bad ?

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are you playing me?

I love different types of music - from pop, electronic music, rnb, hip hop and drum'n'bases. Today I was listening to one of my favourite pop artist - marina and the diamonds. And I found this song   And so it inspired me to write something about playing and players, as Marina speaks about… Continue reading are you playing me?

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Is it safe to have a sex buddy ??? ( for men )

  We all need sex. Clear fact. And following our instincts and the popculture ( "friends with benefits" played by Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake ) we think of fuckbuddies - how awesome would it be to experience something like this. Then, on the other hand the movie shows that it is impossible to just… Continue reading Is it safe to have a sex buddy ??? ( for men )

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Steps that you need to consider if you want to get any girl

There is one idea that is nothing else than playing with the idea of sex - it's called FLIRTING. It's so visible that you both like each other. She laughs at every single stupidity you say, plays with her hair, her body language shows she wants to be close to you. Well... This is how… Continue reading Steps that you need to consider if you want to get any girl

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what are morals for ?

What would you do if you were in love with two women ? Which one would you choose? Would you regret the decision of sleeping with somebody else while being in a serious relationship ? Those questions are really personal and every person would answer differently on them, I realize about that. Certain answers would… Continue reading what are morals for ?