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why dating apps seem so … unhuman?

    People have a tendency to say : in our times dating is a shit; nobody really wants to commit; it used to be completly different ( and you are a Millenial, lol ). The truth is that YES, every generation is different, but people crave the same things as 100, 200 and 1000… Continue reading why dating apps seem so … unhuman?

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Am I a relationship material ?

Regardless if you're looking for a relationship or not, today I would like to describe characteristics of a people ( men and females ) who I think would be a great relationship material. Men : 1️⃣ There has to be something about you that feels safe - that we can open up to you, that… Continue reading Am I a relationship material ?

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all the men are assholes … are they ?

Recently I red the book of polish sexologist called Lew Starowicz " about men". He's a great specialist in that field and reading his books is always a pleasure. You know he knows what he's talking about - his thoughts are concrete and straight to the point. I underlined several things I would like to… Continue reading all the men are assholes … are they ?

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Pros and cons of dating your zodiac

ARIES pros : Aries people are very straight forward and very warm. They care about their beloved and are very protective over them. They are logical but at the same time very fun to be around. I love the sarcastic sense of humor all the aries' I know have. You will never be bored with… Continue reading Pros and cons of dating your zodiac

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the importance of kissing

I already  wrote one post about kissing, will share the link with you below. This post will be also about kissing, but what I'm about to do now is to tell you why is it so important to be a good kisser once you're an adult.  https://thespacejaam.wordpress.com/2017/10/11/how-to-be-te-perfect-kisser/ We live in a capitalist world where we… Continue reading the importance of kissing

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would I tell you, if I cheated…?

To be honest I never plan my posts ahead. It's like an impuls - I think of some interesting topic that would be nice to talk about and just speak my mind. Recent talks and conversations with multiple people made me wonder about cheating. I used to think in black and white - you cheat… Continue reading would I tell you, if I cheated…?