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what have 2017 tought me so far

    1 ) you can never be sure of what future brings. one day you're in a relationship and the next day you're single and need to find yourself in new reality 2) it doesn't matter how simmilar you're to the person you love or fancy - if your ways are not compatibile, you… Continue reading what have 2017 tought me so far

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the difference between 1970’s generation and 1990’s one

Recently I went for a few days to my home and spent some time with my family. We would talk, eat and just enjoy the time together. I was lucky enough to spend some solo time with my mum only and open up a little bit. We had a nice converation about her experiences with… Continue reading the difference between 1970’s generation and 1990’s one

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when shouldn’t I go to bed with him?

  Sorry guys, today's post is directed just towards females 🙂 I'm gonna be so called c*ckblock, but you gotta do what you gotta do. There are different situations in life, that we're just not able to control. sometimes. Life. Today I'll tell you when, in my opinion, you should't have sex with him If… Continue reading when shouldn’t I go to bed with him?

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are you playing me?

I love different types of music - from pop, electronic music, rnb, hip hop and drum'n'bases. Today I was listening to one of my favourite pop artist - marina and the diamonds. And I found this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKNcuTWzTVw   And so it inspired me to write something about playing and players, as Marina speaks about… Continue reading are you playing me?

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tinder generation

    Millenials - the kids of divorced. The generation of broken families. The newies to this world. As I mentioned in the post before, we are the first generation with such a huge access to knowledge and unlimited world. All of us we are in social media, we communicate via whatsapp, snapchat, instagram, messanger… Continue reading tinder generation

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overcoming cultular differences

      We are the first generation who live in the limitless world. We have an access to any place, any information, any person we want, simply because of internet, that opened up our horizons to the level, that none of our parents would have dreamed of. We also are more knowledgable, educated, we… Continue reading overcoming cultular differences

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How to be perfect kisser 

Yes... we all do it and we all think we are a stunning kissers. Some people were said many times how great of kissers they are and you can feel it even before you actually kissed them. But what about those, who need some practice and being instructed, as they might not even realize how… Continue reading How to be perfect kisser