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are you playing me?

I love different types of music - from pop, electronic music, rnb, hip hop and drum'n'bases. Today I was listening to one of my favourite pop artist - marina and the diamonds. And I found this song   And so it inspired me to write something about playing and players, as Marina speaks about… Continue reading are you playing me?

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How to be perfect kisser 

Yes... we all do it and we all think we are a stunning kissers. Some people were said many times how great of kissers they are and you can feel it even before you actually kissed them. But what about those, who need some practice and being instructed, as they might not even realize how… Continue reading How to be perfect kisser 

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Steps that you need to consider if you want to get any girl

There is one idea that is nothing else than playing with the idea of sex - it's called FLIRTING. It's so visible that you both like each other. She laughs at every single stupidity you say, plays with her hair, her body language shows she wants to be close to you. Well... This is how… Continue reading Steps that you need to consider if you want to get any girl