some of the girls’ secrets

The mayority of people have that strange thought that all the girls love it in a romantic way. It's a wrong one - when it comes to intercourse, per se we love it as you guys love it - pretty rough and passionately.  Which doesn't mean we don't like it in a romantic way from… Continue reading some of the girls’ secrets

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A mi me gustan mayores

If you still didn't know what does this mean, I'll light you up -literal translation -" I like older guys". Older than myself. And the sentence is true and so I would like to tell you why today and if it has always been like this. I used to not care that much to be… Continue reading A mi me gustan mayores

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All 12

I am a huge believer in a meaning of signs of zodiacs. Not that I believe that horoscope is accurate and can predict your future, rather your personality traits and if we could actually be compatible or not. It always works and I really see people from the same signs to have the same traits.… Continue reading All 12

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Pretty girl, dirty girl baby

What does it mean to be a player ? It basically means to lie about your feelings- indicating that you do have some of them while you really don't and you just expect somebody to give you something in exchange for your time and "feelings". It also means to protect your heart and emotions as… Continue reading Pretty girl, dirty girl baby

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Why don’t I do one night stands ?

It's soooooo easy to have sex - there's nothing easier than that. All it takes is two individuals. Period. You don't even need to go to bed - any hidden public place would be okay too. Sex is pleasant, great and it's one of our primary urgent. But without chemistry and emotional closure is like… Continue reading Why don’t I do one night stands ?

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what have 2017 tought me so far

    1 ) you can never be sure of what future brings. one day you're in a relationship and the next day you're single and need to find yourself in new reality 2) it doesn't matter how simmilar you're to the person you love or fancy - if your ways are not compatibile, you… Continue reading what have 2017 tought me so far

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when shouldn’t I go to bed with him?

  Sorry guys, today's post is directed just towards females 🙂 I'm gonna be so called c*ckblock, but you gotta do what you gotta do. There are different situations in life, that we're just not able to control. sometimes. Life. Today I'll tell you when, in my opinion, you should't have sex with him If… Continue reading when shouldn’t I go to bed with him?